Data-Driven GovCon Market Intelligence


Quickly search across 20 years of FPDS data with no limits. Look at entire Agencies and Markets. Analyze your data in Excel with unlimited* exports.


Understand how your customers buy, who they buy from and which contract vehicles and types they prefer.

Teaming Partners

Easily compare vendors and select teaming partners that will complement your bid and not compete with you.


Identify competitors based on any contract, opportunity or vendor search.


Find opportunities based on vendor and contract profiles and identify where your market is trending.

Market Context

Search an integrated database of contracts, vendors and opportunities to find GOLD.

What We Do Really Well

Integrate GSA Data

  • Opportunities from
  • Contractor Entities from
  • Contract Spending from
  • When you look at the complete integrated data picture, you find answers you’ve never seen!

Intuitive, Infinite Search

  • FAST: find your answers in < 15 min
  • INTUITIVE: Immediate productivity
  • INFINITE: Search and refine your queries to find the specific answers you need without EVER hitting a dead end!

Reports & Extracts

  • Export 1,000’s or 10’s of thousands of records.
  • Download an Excel book that gives you ALL the data you need
  • Preconfigured Pivot Tables answer to specific questions

Custom Report Requests

  • Every subscriber can submit custom report requests to be fulfilled within 24 hours
  • Tell us what data you need or what questions you’re asking. We’ll build the report and send it to you; usually by close of business the same day.

What We Are NOT Here to Do...

Solve Every Procurement Data Problem

Replace FPDS, SAM or the Subscription Tools

Burden you with Excessive Fees


  • We won’t waste your time; you can login, find your answers and get to work.
  • We won’t waste your money; Our service is affordable now and will stay that way!
  • You will get value from every query and every report.
  • We will provide you with world-class customer service.

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