FedPipeline Vision

Our vision for FedPipeline was birthed in the trenches of Federal Capture as we spent hours, searching Government and Subscription databases looking for data to answer questions nobody else was providing.

If you’re involved in capturing federal IDIQ’s and single award contracts, you likely ask the same questions I do:

  • “Who are the players in my market?”
  • “Which small business vendors really know my customer?”
  • “Who can I team with that has recent and relevant past performance?”
  • “How can I branch out and get beyond talking to the same companies on every deal?”
  • “How does this customer put money on contract?”
  • “How do customer and competition variables change over time; in different fiscal years?”
  • “Tell me about my prospective customer -- how they put money on contract and who they like to do business with in a SINGLE report that my intern or admin team can run.”

Why FedPipeline?

Why a new GovCon data platform? Why should I subscribe?

Simply put; the current tools are either hard to use, have serious data or application limitations, or don’t answer the questions Capture Managers are asking.

  • Related and historical opportunity records are helpful, but isn’t there more to the story?
  • Why do the current toolsets limit my exports to several thousand records? I thought the big data clouds solved these resource problems?
  • Why is it still so hard to analyze FPDS data in large quantities?

FedPipeline answers these questions and delivers the intelligence you need to build winning teams and capture new business.

If any of these questions and issues resonate with you and your business then we invite you to explore FedPipeline - The GovCon Intelligence Resource. Built by Capture Managers for business owners, capture leaders and those who make their living growing business in Federal GovCon.